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hi, my name is io / im a multimedia artist , i like 2 write(stories & poetry) digital art (ms paint) canvas painting, collage & more. Im adhd and Spd

i am very passionate about art ..And Have alot of projects plannrd, i hope you will stick around to see them.

My lifelong interest as a whole is bugs!!! The ones i like most right now are centipedes, millipedes, tsetse flies, stag beetles, io moths , slaver ants Also isopods, esp deep sea ones!!. My favorite animal that is not a bug.

I really like milk, exploring abandoned construction tunnels, Certaun character tropes, symbolism , angels, My headphones, playing minecraft, the study of names, Daydreaming, &matchihg names to colors&numbers&meanings.. & i lie in bed most of the time, i like surrouding myself in blankets and pillows!

I make experimental vocaloid/breakcore/synthv noises, I Like to photograph tjings alot Lile motion blurs and bugs. I want to do more photo projects involving actual Sets & single person

this website is an ongoing project, i recently learned 2 code primarily w/ ai (prompt engineer)

I am not a big media fan but My fav charactrs are Lain, &i like the Lego batman movies alot. I dont like fandoms At All🙂

"iolanthe" is a flower, io is a planet & my favorite moth, its my favorite word! I have an io moth in my bug collection. You can see all my collectibles here! (WIP) and heres some clothes i like: here!

I only follow websiets of irl friends! I really dislike talkinf to people online,+ forgettig 2 respond/generally unsure ofwhat 2 say So i dont really list any contact information.