basic info

serial experiments lain is a psychological show about a 14 year old girl. if you have been on neocities for over 5 minutes, or many sides of the internet you have no doubt seen her around!!!she is very much omnipresent here, the subject of dozens of obsessive analysis! i only watched the show 1 time but it was enough. i will not be analyzing the show in thsi post.

i like the show because of the depictions of sttuff Like: ego exploration, aliens and religion, digital, psychosis adjacent,and mostly bcuase Lain reminds me of Myself v much

Example link

Lain: the show

aired in 1988, with 13 episodes.


adapted into a PlayStation video game in 1999. The game follows the same story and characters as the anime series, but overall is fundamentally different in both the personalities displayed, storylines etc. It is a point-and-click adventure game where players control Lain and explore environments from the show. The gameplay involves solving puzzles, decoding cryptic messages, and making choices that impact the story.


you should just rewrite bad memories